Rat Handling Program

The rat handling program (RHP) is a UBC program organized by UBC PAW. All researchers at UBC who work with animals are required to take training on how to work with and handle their research animals. For those working with rats and mice, surplus rodents are used in the training program to help introduce researchers to rodents. Your role as a volunteer is to socialize rats and habituate them to being handled by humans so that a) new researchers can work with animals that are calm and b) animals used in this course are not stressed by being handled. In return, you can help to ensure success for future researchers while also teaching them to use low stress handling techniques. In addition, you will get to enjoy the social interactions with rats.


  • Pairs of individuals will be assigned to a one hour volunteer shift each week at CCM, can be flexible (at UBC, ~10 minute bus ride from bus loop)


  • Club Membership
  • Mandatory Online Animal Ethics Course
  • In person CCM Orientation (Friday, October 14th 9:30-11am or 1-2:30pm) and supervised first volunteer shift

If you are interested, or have any questions, please email: ubcrhp@gmail.com