Canadian Vet Schools

(Western) Canada

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (W.C.V.M.) was established at the University of Saskatchewan to serve the four western provinces. A pre-veterinary program is required in preparation for admission to the four-year veterinary program at the W.C.V.M., and may be completed at UBC in the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

The course requirements for admission to W.C.V.M. are:

  1. 6 credits each of English, biology, chemistry, and mathematics or statistics;
  2. 3 credits each of biochemistry, genetics, organic chemistry, physics, and introductory microbiology; and
  3. additional electives to complete 60 credits. These prerequisites can be met in a number of departments in the Faculty of Science.

Competition for admission to W.C.V.M. is severe, and although pre-veterinary requirements can be met in two years, few applicants are currently admitted with less than three years of university coursework. Therefore, pre-veterinary students who are enrolled in the Faculty of Science are advised to follow a program that also satisfies the requirements of a Bachelor of Science program at UBC.

Further information regarding entrance to Veterinary Medicine may be obtained from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, or directly from the University of Saskatchewan.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine:

Requirements for UBC Students

6 credits of Biology (Biol 112,121…)
6 credits of Chemistry (CHEM 121,123…)
6 credits of English (ENGL 111, 112…)
6 credits of Mathematics or Statistics **APBI students don’t have to take MATH 103 (or equivalent)!**
3 credits of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 233 + lab component CHEM 235)
3 credits of Physics (PHYS 101)
3 credits of Biochemistry (BIOL 201)
3 credits of Genetics (BIOL 234)
3 credits of Introductory Microbiology (MICB 201, 202)
21 credits of elective courses

For a total of 60 credits.

Minimum Overall Average to apply: 75% (Calculated based on all university level courses taken; full & part time)     Note: extra weight is given to the student’s best full year of university when determining overall rank and interview offers.

References: 2 (One from a veterinarian; the other from a person with agricultural or animal background.)

There are 20 seats available to residents of British Columbia. To apply as a resident of British Columbia a student must live in the province for one year without attending school.

WCVM Admissions Office Telephone Number: 306-966-7459

Additional information can be found at:

Ontario Veterinary College:

No seats available to BC residents.
For further information, visit

University of Calgary:

No seats available for BC residents at the present time.
For further information, visit

University of PEI:

No seats available to BC residents.
For further information, visit

Université de Montréal:

No seats available to BC residents.
For further information, visit