2016-2017 Events

2016-2017 Upcoming Events:

No events planned for the rest of the term. Thank you to all of you who came out to our events this term! It has been an amazing year. Good luck on finals and have a lovely summer!

Past Events this Year

  • Pre-Vet/Post-Grad 101 (March 28)
  • UBC Animal Welfare Conference (March 17)
  • Doggy De-stress! (February 7)
  • Ross University Vet Talk (Feb 1)
  • Club’s Week (January 18 – 20)
  • Hump Day Coffee Fundraiser II (November 23rd)
  • University of Melbourne (November 22)
  • Massey University Vet School Talk (November 8)
  • Hump Day Coffee Fundraiser! (November 2)
  • WCVM – University of Saskatchewan Vet Talk (October 24)
  • University of London (Royal Veterinary College) (October 16)
  • University of Edinburgh Vet School Talk (October 11)
  • University of Sydney Vet School Talk (October 11)
  • Club Icebreaker!! (September 28)
  • LFS Opportunities and Involvement Fair (September 27)
  • Clubs Day (September 21-23)
  • University of Cambridge Vet School Talk (September 21)
  • University of Glasgow Vet School Talk (September 15)
  • Imagine Day! (September 6)

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