Let’s Talk Science UBC Volunteer Opportunities

Let’s Talk Science is a nation-wide non-profit that seeks to improve science literacy and interest in Canadian youth. The UBC branch reaches out to youth all across Vancouver and British Columbia and engages in science outreach in the community.

If you love science or communication, and want to make an impact in the community, while getting resumé boosting skills, Let’s Talk Science has some amazing opportunities for you. They are currently seeking volunteers for Teacher Partnerships, Community Events and Rural Trips.

If you would like to know more, feel free to:
visit their website: http://letstalkscience.ca/
visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubclts/
or email them at: volunteer@ubclts.com

Feel free to email ubcpawclub@gmail.com or message our Facebook page if you have any queries as well!


Rat Handling Program

The Rat Handling Program is a program run by PAW, in which volunteers assist with socializing and handling rats that will participate in research. These volunteers are integral to the research process as they help the rats and mice get used to being handled by humans, and thus will not get stressed when handled by the researchers. This is a great opportunity for those interested in going into research, and those interested in animal welfare.

For more detail visit our page https://ubcpaw.wordpress.com/rat-handling-program/

or email us at ubcrhp@gmail.com


Hello and welcome to the UBC Pre-Vet and Animal Welfare Club! PAW is open to any and all who adore and endeavour to better the lives of animals. We hold information sessions on volunteer/career opportunities, vet schools, animal welfare issues and more. We also host many fundraisers and events to support and raise awareness for a number of organizations that advocate for animal welfare. Come visit us at our booth on Imagine Day!