Past Executives

Our past Execs have played a large role in our club and have been mentors and guides for many of us still in the club. This page is dedicated as a little thank you to all those execs that made PAW possible, and a good luck to all their future endeavours!


Our last president, Hannah Reed is currently taking a fifth year at UBC. She is working for a whale watching company and a veterinary clinic. She encourages anyone with questions about UBC courses, biology program, vet school applications, volunteer opportunities or work experience to contact her at


Kayla is in her fifth year at UBC. She is currently working at a veterinary clinic and volunteering at a wildlife rescue. She is working on getting into vet school as she dreams of being a vet.


Our past volunteer coordinator, Fiona, currently plans on furthering research on animal behaviour. Her interests centre around the animal-human bond and ways companion animals can act as service to those with varying disabilities. She has a specific interest in how these types of animals can aid those with mental illnesses.

Our past President, Alex Boo, is now studying at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He first joined the club in 2010 and became more involved with each consecutive year. As an aspiring veterinarian, he loves working with companion animals, and is passionate about implementing animal welfare in veterinary practice. At UBC, he was heavily involved with animal welfare research and last year, he wrote an undergraduate thesis in the use of laboratory mice as a food source in wildlife rehabilitation centres.

67959_10153342665580416_1027160343_nOur past Treasurer, Elaine Wu, is also at WCVM. She has a strong interest in research and has entered veterinary medicine. She has experience with domestic animals, some livestock and wildlife  rehabilitation. Her favourite animal is the endangered snow leopard, and she hopes to initiate some conservation efforts in the Himalayas for these beautiful felines after becoming a veterinarian.


KatieOur past education coordinator, Katie Mills, is currently a graduate student in the UBC Animal Welfare Program. Her interests are varied and past work has included companion animal research and wildlife rehabilitation placements. Her current research focuses on stakeholder attitudes and how social science research can help to inform policy changes and improvements within a variety of animal based industries.




2013-2014 UBC PAW Executives





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