Current Execs

Taryn Scarff: Club President

IMG_1470Taryn is a second year LFS student majoring in Applied Animal Biology. She began volunteering with the BC SPCA in high school and has worked with them for the past six years. During her years as a volunteer and employee of the BC SPCA Nelson Branch, she has adopted 2 dogs and 2 cats, and has enjoyed fostering many others. Taryn hopes to pursue a career enriching the lives of animals through veterinary medicine or animal welfare related research. She is passionate about the welfare of animals and is happiest when she is at the dog walk with her dogs Jemma and Ryker. In her spare time she enjoys being with family, watching documentaries and television programs on Netflix, and reading.


Irene Kim: Vice President


Irene is a third year biology student. She has volunteered both abroad and locally, and is currently volunteering at a small animal veterinary hospital as well as at Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). University has definitely been a challenge for her, but every opportunity that has welcomed interaction with animals has been a motivating factor as she works toward a future career that will allow her to, one day, work with animals on the daily. In her spare time, Irene likes to watch shows on Netflix, hang out with friends, eat pizza, and is currently getting into bouldering to work off the pizza.


Kristina Frkovic: Secretary


Kristina is the secretary for PAW and a fourth year biology student. She hopes to attend vet school one day, or have some sort of job that involves working with animals. She absolutely loves her cockapoo Rudy and cannot wait to adopt tons of puppies one day! She volunteers at Masonville Animal Hospital (London, ON) in the summers, and works part time for UBC Rec during the school year. She loves playing sports (especially hockey and basketball), as well as hanging out with friends and spending time outdoors.



Christina Donovan-Oest: Education Coordinator

13553398_10154303343431667_1860848536_nChristina is a third year undergraduate in the Faculty of Science, specializing in Honours Animal Biology. She works as a research assistant for the Vancouver Rat Project studying the disease dynamics of wild rats in the Downtown Eastside. During summer breaks, Christina often travels to other countries to volunteer with exotic animals such as bears and elephants! She hopes to attend vet-school in the UK to pursue a career in wildlife veterinary medicine. In her spare time she rides motorcycles, and takes ballet and hip hop classes. She also makes excellent muffins.


Vivian Chew: Rat Handling Program (RHP) Coordinator


Vivian is the Rodent Handling Program (RHP) Coordinator of PAW. She is a third year student majoring in Applied Animal Biology. As a horse-crazy kid, Vivian has always had an interest in animal care and behaviour, and hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She currently works at an emergency veterinary clinic and her volunteer experience includes working with horses and cats, as well as handling and training rats. Outside of school, Vivian loves to go horseback riding and hopes to participate in intercollegiate riding competitions during the school year.


Courtney Lim: Social Coordinator


Courtney is the Fundraising Coordinator for UBC PAW. She is a third year psychology student who has always loved spending time with animals. She has recently volunteered with the Vancouver Humane Society, and hopes to increase awareness on animal welfare and surrounding issues. Some of her hobbies include softball, volleyball, and photography. Feel free to contact her if you have any fundraising ideas or questions!


Nisha Raghukumar: Treasurer

20884946_1903240283038952_1059483139_nNisha is the treasurer and a third year Biology major. She aspires to go into wildlife veterinary medicine and rehabilitation, and hopes to someday live in the wilderness. She volunteers at the BC SPCA, Arbutus West Animal Clinic and BC Wildlife Rescue Association. Other than being around animals 24/7, she also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, drawing/painting/sculpting, metal+folk music, gardening and nature journaling.




Katie Lee: Media/Marketing Coordinator


Katie the media/marketing coordinator for UBC PAW. Currently a second year Biology major, she hopes to one day attend vet school and pursue a career in veterinary medicine. After volunteering with animals during high school, she has made a conscientious decision to raise awareness of animal welfare. Aside from her love for animals, Katie enjoys practising photography,  playing music, rock climbing and long-boarding.


Vicky Peng: Newsletter Coordinator   

20840366_1824231614283994_413917363_n Vicky is the Newsletter Coordinator for UBC PAW. She is a second year undergraduate majoring in Applied Animal Biology. After volunteering at a local animal shelter in high school, Vicky has ever since became interested in animal welfare and is determined to increase the respect for and promote fair treatment towards animals around the world. She currently both volunteers and works at two animal veterinary hospitals and hopes to eventually attend vet school or pursue a career that allows her to contribute to the well being of animals in need. In her spare time, Vicky enjoys watching shows, swimming and visiting farm animals.