Southlands Riding Club: Colic Awareness & Preparation Session

The Southlands Riding Club is hosting a Colic Awareness & Preparation Session this
Wednesday, November 8th, at 7:00pm.

With a recent spike in colic cases here in the Flats, the Club has asked trusted equine veterinarian – Dr. Robyn Kopala of Meadow Lane Equine Clinic (formerly of West Coast Equine Clinic) – to participate in an informal session on colic prevention, management and emergency preparedness.

Members of the Club, Ratepayers Association and community are invited to join us for this informative session. This will be a chance to learn, share and to help create a plan for dealing with colic emergencies in our community. A huge thank you to Dr. Kopala and her assistant, Lauren Basford, in advance for agreeing to participate in this important learning opportunity.

Please RSVP to so we may have a rough estimate of the number of participants intending to take part.


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