Newsletter Mailing List Updates

Happy Wednesday, fellow PAW members!

This is a reminder for all PAW members for the 2017-2018 school year:
as of today, all our current members should have received TWO of our PAW newsletters via email.
If you are currently a PAW member, gave us your active email address, and have not received our newsletters (be sure to check your spam folder/promotions folders first), please message our FB page or email your full name and your updated email address.

If you’re not yet a member but want to join, feel free to do so!
We sell membership at all our events, such as the ROSS UNIVERSITY VET TALK happening on October the 19th, and the WCVM VET TALK on October the 23rd (check our FB page for more info).
Annual membership is $5, and you get access to our newsletter, vet talks, volunteer opportunities, club socials and much more!

Thanks everyone, good luck on midterms and stay dry 


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