Dr David Mellor (Massey University) @ UBC

Dr David Mellor, Professor Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand will be in UBC tomorrow and on Friday to give talks about animal welfare.

For those who attended our Animal Wefare Conference last year, you may remember that Dr Mellor was one of our speakers during the conference.

There will be 2 talks, one talk on Thursday and one on Friday:

Thursday, October 5, 11:30am, Rm 180, H R MacMillan Building 2357 Main Mall(note start time).
“Thriving – not merely surviving: New keys that unlock impediments to enhancing animal welfare.”
This covers significant points made in Dr Mellor’s most recent Animals paper on the Operation of the Five Domains Model, s opposed to previous papers covering the scientific support for the Model.

Friday, October 6, 12:00pm , Rm 180 H.R. MacMillan Building.
“Equine welfare during exercise: Do we have a ‘bit’ of a problem?”

Presented by the UBC Animal Welfare Program.


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