UBC PAW 2017 Icebreaker!

Pizza! Prizes! Games! Animal Welfare!
UBC PAW is hosting their 2017 Icebreaker on October 2nd (Monday), 6:00pm at the Performance Theater in the AMS Nest.
This is a chance for UBC PAW members to meet fellow club members, meet the execs, learn more about the club, and take a break before midterm season fully kicks in.
Want free pizza, prizes and meet fellow animal lovers? This is the event to be at!

This event is for UBC PAW MEMBERS ONLY. If you have paid your membership, awesome!! We look forward to seeing you there!

If you aren’t a member yet, no worries! We will be taking membership, which is $5 for the whole 2017-2018 school year, at the door.
Membership gets you access to more socials like these, exclusive volunteer opportunities, vet talks, our monthly newsletter, and much more!
Also a reminder that we are currently hiring for execs!
Click visit our FB page for more info.
We hope to see you there 


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